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Re: A visit to Sue

        Thanks for answering my email, and congradulations on getting such a 
museum position! I am waiting on a letter from KU, Lawrence, KS. , about a
preparator postion I applied for back in May. 
        The pic is of Protoceratops andrewsi, late cretaceous (campanian), 75 
Turgrikin Us, Gobi Desert, southern Mongolia. The sex may have been a factor
in the shape and size of the frill, but that is an intuitive guess, I have not
researched this creature very well, and dont consider myself an expert on it.
My Russian friends assumed that sex may have played a part in the frill also.
I have attached a pic of another P. andrewsi, for comaparison to the one
previously sent to you. You can use the pics, so long as you credit them to
the GREAT RUSSIAN DINOSAUR EXHIBITION, and I have many more available. Should
you or anyone on the list want pics, or information on the exhibition, let me
know, and I will forward it. I am now trying to fill in time slots for the
whole exhibit so that it can remain in the U.S. between its shows in KS from
Jan. 99 to Apr. 99, and its showing in St. Louis at the Dinofest 2000 in early
part of that year. Hopefully there will be some one on list to help out with
the schedule. I may be able to seperate the specimens into 2 smaller exhibits
showing at the same time, in different locations , if someone would be
interested in that concept. 
        As for the FMNH hype, dont let that thing bother you. If there is in 
fact a
healed fracture on the bone, that isnt something that is faked or hyped. I
have seen the healed spinal processes of Hadrosaurs before, and it is thought
that they were broken during the mating process and later healed. Whatever
caused the break, it is still fascinating to see the healed bones! 
The whole thing of "SUE" is interesting, but most of it is media hype to sell
media, and unfortunately, the public buys it. There are larger, and better
condition T. Rex specimens around, they just havent had the media coverage,
and the drama surrounding them as Sue has had. My source for that is again the
Russian paleos, and also some American paleos. 
keep in touch,
St. Louis Institute of Paleontology