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Re: dermal structures

Christian Kammerer wrote:
<Also, on the topic of Carboniferous endothermy, why would all the living
representatives of this group be ectothermic? If an animal that for all
intents and purposes lived and looked like a lizard was endothermic back then,
why wouldn't animals living today that occupied the exact same lifestyle and
evolved from such a thing retain this adaptation? Diapsids are definitely not
derived from a synapsid condition, and I find it exceedingly doubtful that
endothermy could have come about in the sprawling insectivores akin to a
salamander that had no use for such a great energy expenditure and whose
fossils show bones geared for pure ectothermic life.>

Who said anything about endothermy?  I just said, "Fuzzy Devonian
salamanders."  What's so crazy about that?

P.S. A couple of smooth skinned fossils don't prove much, it seems to me.  I
stand by my notion of follicles arising only once.