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Re: Omi/CarniSauropods[was interest in dinos]

>Subject: Re: Omi/CarniSauropods[was interest in dinos]
>>I don't know why, but the idea of a sauropod chowing down on meat
>>strikes me as ..horrific and sick, really sick. Maybe it;s just cause 
>>never thought of it before...
>>hey, how about this for a theorey-
>>FEATHERED man-eating sauropods
>>okie, so it's a little overboard, but my blood sugar's off today!
>You forgot fire-breathing ;)

Someone tell me how it would be possible for a creature (parents 
excluded!) to breathe fire without injuring/killing itself?

BTW, is there any evidence of feathered sauropods?
(now wouldn;t that be wierd to see--a brachiosaur decked out in feathers 
with the colors & patterning of a macaw)

Jessica Wagar
Amature Paleontologist

"My name is Bird. And I'm a dinoholic"

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