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Aidez moi! Help!

Hi everyone!
I am sending this to both groups (Dino and Vrtpaleo) in hopes of getting 
this solved. My  study site is a marine site with Plesiosaurs, sharks of 
all kinds, bony fish etc. It's Late Cretaceous, Turonian to be exact and 
from the Carlile Fm. We have come on a few goofy things that don't 
really belong. We hope they might be Dinosaurian remains from creatures 
that washed out to sea (The Western Interior Seaway) and came to rest on 
our little Island beach. We have sifted out two small Hadrosaur teeth 
during one of our searches for shark teeth, so could they be from one of 
these animals?
If you'd like to look and try to identify these, I have drawings of two 
sides of each and you can click on them for enlargement and click on the 
dimension line for the sizes of each. Use this part of my web page:
To go straight to the two we are up in the air over. If you are really 
bored feel free to look over the plesiosaur parts too! This site was a 
class requirement for a computer class I had to have, so there are lots 
of things that are far from scientific (family pictures etc.)
Thanks very much, Barry

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