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Re: Carboniferous Endothermy

What I was proposing was that perhaps an early synapsid type, with development of endothermy already underway, might have become arboreal, and, being of small size, would have needed the endothermic condition as well as an insulative covering (fuzzy scales) to survive a colder micro-enviorn in the treetops. As to why there exist diapsids today that are not endotherms (ie.squamosa),  I can only figure them to be secondarily ectothermic. I see evidence for this in the partial separation of the ventricle. Why any separation at all in a cold blooded type unless the remnants  of a once four chambered heart? I think that early diapsid development took place in the trees, where they were isolated from competing synapsids, and where they eventually developed into birds, (with dino descendants along the way).