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Re: Elopteryx nopscai?

At 01:54 PM 7/7/98 +0100, John Hutchinson wrote:
>Hi all--
>       Is anyone out there familiar w/the current status of this little
>critter?  All I have is Andrews, C.W. 1913. On some bird remains from the
>Upper Cretaceous of Transsylvania. Geological Magazine X(587):193-196.  Any
>updates since then?  Whether the bones go together or not, it's a neat
>avian beastie.  Thanks!

Le Loeuff, J., E. Buffetaut, P. Mechin & A. Mechin-Salessy.  1992.  The
first record of dromaeosaurid dinosaurs (Saurischia, Theropoda) in the
Maastrichtian of southern Europe: palaeobiogeographical implications. Bull.
Soc. Geol. France 163: 337-343.

and references therein, esp.:
Harrison, C.J.O. & C.A. Walker. 1975. The Bradycnemidae, a new family of
owls from the Upper Cretaceous of Romania.  Palaeontology 18: 563-570.

Le Loeuff et al. consider Elopteryx a dromaeosaurid.

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