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CNN article(complete) on tiny Indian Dino eggs

Since the URLs don't appear to be working from custom news on CNN, I am
willfully copying an article of interest-I am scum

Indian Geologists Claim to Find               Smallest Fossil Eggs
              Xinhua               08-JUL-98

NEW DELHI (June 8) XINHUA - Two Indian geologists claimed to find for
the first time the smallest fossil eggs dating back to 225 million
years, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported Wednesday. 

What makes the finding unique is that the eggs are microscopic,
soft-shelled belonging to the late Gondwana Age, PTI quoted D. P. Das
and P. M. Datta as saying. 

Fossil eggs of dinosaurs, birds and reptiles collected so far are large,
hard-shelled and two million to 180 million years ago, belonging to the
Pleistocene to the Upper Triassic Era. 

The nest of eggs discovered from the south Rewa Gondwana Basin in the
central Madhya Pradesh shows remarkable similarity in shape and
structure to recent fish eggs, the two scientists from the Geological
Survey of India in Calcutta reported in the recent issue of Current
Science Journal. 

The scientists said though the fossil eggs did not show any specific
features, they were similar in structure to fossil eggs of ampharyngodon
mola, a fish of recent times. 

The new fossil eggs are, however, smaller than ampharyngodon eggs,
according to the geologists.