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Re: CNN article(complete) on tiny Indian Dino eggs

CNN sez:
>What makes the finding unique is that the eggs are microscopic,
>soft-shelled belonging to the late Gondwana Age, PTI quoted D. P. Das
>and P. M. Datta as saying. 


>The new fossil eggs are, however, smaller than ampharyngodon <fish>
>according to the geologists.

Oh, common!  I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday! (it was
actually a few years ago,and my head is much better now, thank you). 
This is one of those moments when I wish I could ask Dr.s  Das and Datta
the following question:

If it doesn't quack like a duck, and it doesn't walk like a duck and it
swim like a duck, then maybe it isn't a duck?

Well, I guess the parent could have been the size of a hummingbird,
so maybe I'm asking the wrong question.

Has anybody on the list actually read  Das and Datta's paper in _Current
Science Journal_?  It sounds to me as though they may have found fossil
turtle eggs.


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