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I was watching footage of elephants using their trunks to throw mud
over their bodies and it got me wondering. How would sauropods have
groomed themselves, or protected themselves from the sun? Would their
necks have been flexible enough for them to reach back along their
bodies to use their teeth for grooming/flinging mud? Would they have
had to do these things for each other, necessitating gregariousness?
Or would trees have had to bear the brunt of an itchy sauropod?

While I'm in an inquisitive mood - how would they have drunk water? From
what I know of sauropod cheeks... well, there weren't any. If they
couldn't suck, would they have had to raise and lower their heads to
drink like chickens? If so, I can imagine a lot of very dizzy sauropods
at water holes - perhaps the source of all those flattened small
theropods found in limestones? :)

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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