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Re: Quaternary Park?

Dave Hardenbrook wrote:

<There's one point I haven't seen brought up yet in this debate -- How
can an animal like the mammoth, that evolved to live in an ice age
climate, be expected to survive in a modern climate?>

  The mammoth evolved in a drier, arid climate like central Africa,
then migrated north, east, and west. Only the species *M. imperator*
(I believe) managed to don the wooly coat, while the others may have
been as bare as Indian elephants. Perhaps the other species were a
little shaggy, but today, there is a natural ecosystem that is
little-changed from 10,000 years ago, and that's the Siberian tundra,
especially near the arctic rim. True, the Saiga rules the southern
Siberian regions, intermingling the steppes with Mongolia, and may
represent a sort of small-herbivor/large-herbivore competition or
biota, it would be (in my crazy skull) a way to economize Russia, feed
the Siberians, and begin to set man-damaged ecosystems back to Nature.

  This reminds me: The dodo and passenger pigeon (dinos in two of
three prevalent theories, so they fit this list's motive [a little,
I'm pushing it]) . . . would they be likely canidates for a

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