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Re: Quaternary Park?

Dave L. Hardenbrook wrote:

> There's one point I haven't seen brought up yet in this debate --
> How can an animal like the mammoth, that evolved to live in an
> ice age climate, be expected to survive in a modern climate?
>                                   -- Dave

 I would imagine that the animal would be raised in some sort of facility that
would be condusive to its requirements...well, its supposed requirments.  Great
for science, but unfortunate for the animal.  Of course, it could also be raised
in an outdoor area in a region that at least somewhat emulates its natural
habitat, climate wise.  I don't know what European summers were like during the
last Ice Age, but I would think that the animal could tolerate a little heat?
Polar bears, after all, seem to do okay in zoos.  Of course, the mammoth is much

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