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Re: Sauroponderings

excellent question.
I don't think sauropods had the same problems giraffes do in lowering
the head to drink but the VOLUME of water intake of an elephant is
rather startling, I wonder if sauropods in great numbers affected
watering hole distributions at the time like elphants do now.

-Betty Cunningham

Dann Pigdon wrote:
> While I'm in an inquisitive mood - how would they have drunk water? From
> what I know of sauropod cheeks... well, there weren't any. If they
> couldn't suck, would they have had to raise and lower their heads to
> drink like chickens? If so, I can imagine a lot of very dizzy sauropods
> at water holes - perhaps the source of all those flattened small
> theropods found in limestones? :)