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Re: Sauroponderings

Regarding sauropod drinking habits, Dann Pigdon wrote:
> While I'm in an inquisitive mood - how would they have drunk water? > From 
> what I know of sauropod cheeks... well, there weren't any. If  > they 
> couldn't suck, would they have had to raise and lower their    > heads to 
> drink like chickens? If so, I can imagine a lot of very     > dizzy sauropods 
> at water holes - perhaps the source of all those    > flattened small 
> theropods found in limestones? :)

I could never buy the idea that cheekless sauropods continually raised
and lowered their ponderous necks to swallow mere mouthfuls of water in
the manner that birds do. This got me to thinking that maybe that's why
their nostrils were placed so high on the skull: they immersed the
entire lower part of their head and sucked water as if through a giant
straw. ;-)

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)