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Re: Sauroponderings

Dann Pigdon wrote:

<While I'm in an inquisitive mood - how would they have drunk water?
>From what I know of sauropod cheeks... well, there weren't any. If
they couldn't suck, would they have had to raise and lower their heads
to drink like chickens? If so, I can imagine a lot of very dizzy
sauropods at water holes - perhaps the source of all those flattened
small theropods found in limestones? :)>

  They may not have had muscular cheeks, mammal-style, but a stretch
of skin around the snout, flexible like the ornithschian "cheek" or
more simpler would do the trick, especially on the sauropods with
narrower snouts (i.e., diplodocids). Camarasaurids, with their short
necks and flexible head/neck joints, could have made a more
giraffe-like drinker, or even a "scooping-up" drinker, dipping down
and immersing half the head, let water fill into the mouth, with some
hypothetical throat-pouch accomodating, and service well.
Brachiosaurids, on the other hand, while probably not holding their
necks so upright, may have had more difficulties raising and lowering
the neck than any other sauropods, except...

  The *Euhelopus*-*Omeisaurus*-*Mamenchisaurus* chain, with vertical
or near-vertical necks.

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