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Re: idle speculation

BHR wrote:

<1.) Just something I noticed, Caudipteryx mildly resembles the
secretary bird (Saggitarius serpentarius), what with the long legs,
and sharp pre-max teeth acting like a recurved beak. I don't know if
it means anything, or even is valid, but hey.>

  Yes! We've just discovered the common name of one
dino/bird/dinobird! The Secretary Dinosaur!

  But seriously. This has merit. As proposed before, the animal was a
lake-side animal, or at least the two animals preserved tell us
something of the like.

  The teeth, angled like fish-eating animals and unserrated to boot,
would not conceivable be used like the hook of a raptor's bill, but
rather has a "trap" device (cf. gators, crocs, comb-toothed pterosaurs
[another common name]) that instead of cutting into the prey or
holding it down to be bitten, as *Sagittarius* does, would have caught
and disembowelled lunch with the manual claws; the feet were not
claw-equipped (for as much as the few claws preserved show, being
blunted similar to the ornithimimid degree) as the secretary BIRD was,
but this means only that *Caudipteryx* didn't foot-snatch or stand on
said lunch.


  A bird-eating *Caudipteryx*? Has anyone ever thought of an
aviphagous dinosaur? Like the serval (*Serval*) it could have leapt
(sound familiar?) at food in the air. Similarly, it could have jumped
at tree-dwelling prey, like lizards, or flying insects. But an animal
leaping for its meals. . . .

  Brian, Luis, or Greg . . . you want to try for this one?

Jaime A. Headden

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