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Re-carboniferous endothermy

Well,....I admit I`m not nearly as expert as Mr. Kammerer appears to be on early synapsid-diapsid relationships, and that I`m operating mostly on "hunch" in trying to draw an enviornmental picture, and extrapolate a possible evolutionary pathway for diapsids in light of current knowledge of evolutionary processes. I`ve been "out of the loop" for some time. When getting my Master`s, cladistics was just getting started, and was still considered as somewhat controversial. I`ve spent the winter refining my views,but only had Carroll`s and Romer`s texts as reference. I`ll drop the "debate" for now, but       feel that  some type of test of a possible "one-time" development of endothermy should be performed against a recognized phylogeny. Can anyone suggest how I may go about this? Is there a formula I can use? (P.S. I`m new to computers as well,...is there a program that I can run to test my ideas cladistically?).