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Godzilla takes bite out of Hershey profits

In the line of "we told them it should have been a dinosaur," according to
Bloomberg News: 

>  Hershey Foods Corp. shares fell for a second day as the biggest 
>  U.S. candy maker said second-quarter profit will be less than
>  expected because of weak sales in Asia and disappointing results
>  from  promotions tied to the movie "Godzilla."   
>  "Godzilla"    
>  The ``Godzilla'' promotion, which featured Hershey bars with the 
>  monster's footprints in them and bubble-gum balls made to appear 
>  like lizard eyes, had about $14 million less in sales than last year's
>  tie-in with ``Lost World,'' the sequel to ``Jurassic Park,'' the company 
>  said.   

>  The shortfall accounts for 2 cents a share in lost earnings, the 
>  company said.   

>  "Godzilla'' has failed to live up to expectations at the box office as 
>  well, taking in $134 million in seven weeks, short of recouping the 
>  $170 million Sony Corp. spent to make and promote the special 
>  effects-laden film.   

So, who wanted to see a film of an iguana laying eggs or eat a candy
bar imprinted with said spoor?