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Re: No subject? - follwo-up

I believe, it was Cro Magnon who survived the glacial period in Europe.
Current theories do not place us as a descendant of Cro Magnon.  We
are from, uh, oh geez, I can't remember now...  :)  Anyway, human
ancestors arrived in Europe at the end of the glaciation period, having
spent that period in warm Africa.  If curiosity persists, I can check my 
references on this. I'm pretty sure this is correct though.  


At 09:11 AM 7/9/98 -0400, JAMES SUTTON wrote:
>See below for response
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>ornstn@inforamp.net writes:
><< May I point out that WE evolved in an ice age climate? >>
>Not really.  It is true that the _cultural_ identifiers of Homo
>sapiens--refined toolmaking, art and regional trade--first appear in early
>pre-glacial Europe, but anatomically modern humans are first seen in the
>then) warm and dry middle east (and perhaps the southern most tip of
>about 100,000 years ago. 
>Wiwaxia sayeth:
>Even this is problematic. The fact is the WE evolved in a post-glacial,
>post-war period of various levels of stability and chaos.  We are not the
>products of a glacial or interglacial period but of ancestors who survived
>in one of those conditions and then survived further change. Our
>ancestors evolved in a glacial period and their ancestors evolved in an
>inter-glacial period and so ad infinitum. Evolution is never finished.  It is
>on-going and each generation is subject to all the pressures of drift,
>selection (sexual and natural), mutation and recombination in an attempt to
>accomodate to the conditions of the ever-slipping away "now."