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Re: Sauroponderings

  In watching the many lizards I've had over the years I've noticed most
tend to drink by lapping at the water with their tongues.  I don't believe
they use the same "spoon" configuration dogs use but they just sit there
and lap away until satisfied.  That might be one mechanism.
  But before answering that, it might be useful to determine how much
water would the various dinos need? And if they are supporting any form of
endothermy, how much might that increase their water needs?
....Art, in Alaska

> Dann Pigdon wrote:
> <While I'm in an inquisitive mood - how would they have drunk water?
> >From what I know of sauropod cheeks... well, there weren't any. If
> they couldn't suck, would they have had to raise and lower their heads
> to drink like chickens? If so, I can imagine a lot of very dizzy
> sauropods at water holes - perhaps the source of all those flattened
> small theropods found in limestones? :)>
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