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Re: sauroponderings

I'm only an amateur, but here are my thoughts:  I'm sure that there
are many similarities between the Mesozoic ecosystem and ours.  Surely
there were small animals that serviced as cleaners for dinosaurs like
birds do for elephants and other large herbivors today.  Perhaps small
pterosaurs and birds/protobirds flew around sauropods and snatched
flys and other annoying insects, and removed dead skin/scabs as well. 
Another possible solution to the itching problem could be grooming
amongst the animals.  Hey, no one's seen a dinosaur alive (other than
mokele-mbembe, if that's real), so many things could be possible.

As for the sauropod drinking problem, who knows.  The dip-and-sip
chicken style may well be a literal pain in the neck, and the
immersing-head-in-water style would have to involve a lot of pumping
action to get the water back up to the gut.  What about the old
trunk-on-a-sauropod theory?  If there is evidence for trunks, then it
would be allow the animal to drink without completely lowering the
neck or moving it excessively.  Or, maybe they adapted to not
requiring too much water, and recived it via plants or fat stores. 
Once again, who knows

Ben Landis

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