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Scheduled for the 11th and 12th July is the CRETACEOUS BIODIVERSITY 
conference, held here at Portsmouth University, England. I only have 
time to provide titles of some of the more interesting talks (from a 
vert. palaeo. perspective of course). 

Talks on 11th July.

11.00. Biodiversity in a Cretaceous fossil Lagerstatten: sampling the 
David M. Martill.

12.30. Predatory dinosaurs in England's Lower Cretaceous: crocodile 
heads, puffin snouts and the odd Lazarus taxon. 
Darren Naish (stepping in for entomologist Andre Nel, who 
unfortunately couldn't make it).

14.00. Diversity in European and African Cretaceous dinosaurs.
Michael J. Benton.

14.30. The diversity of Lower Cretaceous birds.
Paul G. Davis.

15.00. Lepidosauria and Lissamphibia: Cretaceous diversity and 
community structure.
Susan E. Evans.

15.30. Diversity in Cretaceous pterosaurs: patterns, problems and 
David. M. Unwin.

A conference volume will result (I actually have a copy sitting here 
with me now). On the 12th there will be a field trip on the Isle of 
Wight. Yes yes, of course I know about Steve Hutt's new theropod. I 
have handled the damn thing. Anyway, I'll inform you all of what 
happened when I next write.. some time next week probably. Later!

"They sure don't look like birds to me!"