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Re:Quaternary Park

At 08:27 PM 09/07/98 +0100, you wrote: 
> Derek Tearne said:
> < Incidentally Elephants aren't particularly endangered.  Indian Elephants
> are to a 
> large extent domesticated and therefore have a good chance of survival.  >
> I thought even working Indian elephants were always captured from the wild.

This is correct, and the decline in the use of elephants as work animals poses
a threat to the conservation of wild stocks according to some.  Breeding
elephants in captivity is simply to time-consuming and expensive (at least ten
years are required); capturing and training wild animals is much easier.

In fact both elephant species are endangered, though their numbers seem high -
both have undergone serious declines in the recent past, the Asian mostly from
habitat loss and the African - at least prior to the 1989 ivory ban - from
poachers.  Now that the ivory ban has been partially lifted, with limited
of ivory to Japan possibly starting next year, the threat to the species may
increase again.

For more information try the Friends of the Asian Elephant web site at
<http://www.elephant.tnet.co.th/>http://www.elephant.tnet.co.th/, or (if I may
be permitted a commercial) my book "Elephants: the Deciding Decade" (2nd ed.
1997) which covers the African species with articles by Richard Leakey and
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