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Re: Quaternary Park - Mammoth diet

At 19:23 08/07/98 -0500, sankarah@ou.edu wrote:
>Recall that mammoths evolved (along with the other two varieties of
>elephants) somewhere in northern Africa and radiated out from there.  I
>suspect it was quite warm in that area, even during ice age times, and
>that if the species were resurrected it would likely be able to adapt
>fairly easily.  Dunno about diet, though; do we know what mammoths ate,
>and how much of it's still around?
Mammoths have been found with the food they had eaten prior to death
relatively intact. Adrian Lister and Paul Bahn (see my previous post about
dwarf mammoths for book reference) say :

"All mammoths were completely vegetarian. The precise composition of their
plant food varied with local conditions, since both the Columbian and the
woolly mammoth occupied a wide range of habitats.  However, grass was
almost always the staple, supplemented by flowering herbs, shrubs and parts
of trees available."


Roy Nash