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Re: Buffetaut/Le Loeuff Reference

In a message dated 7/9/98 7:24:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Farlow@ipfw.edu

>       Can anybody on the list give me the full citation for Eric Buffetaut
>       and Jean Le Loeuff's 1998 paper on Gargantuavis in the Journal of the
>       Geological Society, London?  It was mentioned in the current SVP News
>       Bulletin, but I can't get the @#$%&*! computer to pull up the
>       reference on any database.

Try http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/pubs/contents/jgs/jgsc198.htm
as follows:

> The Journal of the Geological Society
>  Vol. 155, Part 1, January 1998
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Specials

>  ?BUFFETAUT, E. & LE LOEUFF, J. A new giant ground bird from the
>  Upper Cretaceous of southern France 1

>  Papers

>  ?BRASIER, M. D. & MCILROY, D. Neonereites uniserialis from c.
>  600 Ma year old rocks in western Soctland and the emergence of animals
>   5 ?SOPER, N. J., HARRIS, A. L. & STRACHAN, R. A. Tectonostratigraphy
>  of the Moine Supergroup: a synthesis 13 ?WELLINGS, S. A. Timing of
>  deformation associated with the syn-tectonic Dawros?Currywongaun?
>  Doughruagh Complex, NW Connemara, western Ireland 25 ?GRAY, G. J.,
>  LAWRENCE, S. R., KENYON, K. & CORNFORD, C. Nature and origin of
>  'carbon' in the Archaean Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa 39 ?BACK, S.
>  & STRECKER, M. R. Asymmetric late Pleistocene glaciations in the North
>  Basin of the Baikal Rift, Russia 61 ?ARDILL, J., FLINT, S., CHONG, G. &
>  WILKE, H. Sequence stratigrapy of the Mesozoic Domyeko Basin, northern
>  Chile 71 ?GARDEWEG, M. C., SPARKS, R. S. J. & MATTHEWS, S. J.
>  Evolution of Lascar Volcano, Northern Chile 89 ?RAPALINI, A. E.
>  Syntectonic magnetization of the mid-Palaeozoic Sierra Grande Formation:
>  further constraints on the tectonic evolution of Patagonia 105 ?CURTIS, M.
>  L. & HYAM, D. M. Late Palaeozoic to Mesozoic structural evolution of the
>  Falkland Islands: a displaced segment of the Cape Fold Belt 115 ?GRENNE,
>  T. & ROBERTS, D. The Hølonda Porphyrites, Norwegian Caledonides:
>  geochemistry and tectonic setting of Early?Mid-Ordovician shoshonitic
>  volcanism 131 ?BINGEN, B. & VAN BREEMAN, O. Tectonic regimes and
>  terrane boundaries in the high-grade Sveconorwegian belt of SW Norway,
>  inferred from U?Pb zircon geochronology and geochemical signature of augen
>  gneiss suites 143 ?WINCHESTER, J. A., FLOYD, P. A., AWDANKIEWICZ,
>  Geochemistry and tectonic significance of metabasic suits in the Góry
>  Sowie Block, SW Poland 155 ?AL-SALEH, A. M., BOYLE, A. P. &
>  MUSSETT, A. E. Metamorphism and 40Ar/39Ar dating of the Halaban
>  Ophiolite and associated units: evidence for two-stage orogenesis in the
>  eastern Arabian Shield 165 ?MOSS, S. J., CARTER, A., BAKER, S. &
>  HURFORD, A. J. A Late Oligocene tectono-volcanic event in East
>  Kalimantan and the implications for tectonics and sedimentation in
>  Borneo 177 ?KIRKER, A. I. & PLATT, J. P. Unidirectional slip vectors
>  in the western Betic Cordillera: implications for the fomation of the
>  Gibralter arc 193 ?EVANS, N.G., GLEIZES, G., LEBLANC, D. &
>  BOUCHEZ, J. L. Syntectonic emplacement of the Maladeta granite
>  (Pyrenees) deduced from relationships between Hercynian deformation
>  and contact metamorphism 209

>  Updated: November 1997
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