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Cro Magnon and sauropod tails (was Re: No subject? - follwo-up)

At 08:56 AM 7/9/98 -0700, Randy King wrote:
>I believe, it was Cro Magnon who survived the glacial period in Europe.
>Current theories do not place us as a descendant of Cro Magnon.

Just a reminder: Cro Magnon people are fully modern _Homo sapiens sapiens_,
a position uncontested by any anthropologist or paleontologist as far as
I've heard.  The Cro Magnon was simply an ancient culture of modern humans,
just as the Sumerians or the Arawaks or the Ainu were/are their own cultures
of modern humans.

This is in contrast to Neandertals, which were anatomically distinct from
any modern population, and lie well outside the morphological variation
found in modern humans.

Also, as a second reminder, not everyone on the list has ancestors from
Europe, anyway...

And, to include some dinosaur information (and thereby justify its inclusion
on the net):

Someone recently asked a question as to whether any sauropods other than
_Shunosaurus_ had clubtails.  Wilson & Sereno (Mem. of the SVP 5, p. 15)
discuss that there is, at present, no direct evidence that _Omeisaurus_ had
a tail club.  Although some have attributed some of the isolated tail clubs
at Dashanpu to _Omeisaurus_, they have not been found in articulation with
unquestioned _Omeisaurus_ material.  At present, only _Shunosaurus_ has been
demonstrated to be clubtailed.  (Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if
_Omeisaurus_ did turn out to be clubtailed, but that waits to be seen).

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