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Recently Jonathon Shmidt commented on the 'feathered dilophosaur' to which Tom
Holtz and Ronald Orenstein responded with understandable surprise.  I beleive
this has to do with an article in the latest issue of 'Dinosaur World' where
Gerard Geirlinski describes a model of Dilophosaurus at the Polish Geological
Instiutute that is covered in feathers.  The reason it was done this way, is
not because of fossilised integument, but because of Triassic theropod
trackways that seem to show belly imprints that looked like "the feather
traces of a bird belly, especially those of ducklings."

Check out:

Geirlinski, G.  1998.  The furry dino.  Dinosaur World 5:3-5.

There are some very nice color photos of the model.  It's scary looking.  All
in all an interesting idea and one that is not without merit.  It would be
nice however to see a whole animal preserved with feathers from this far back

Peter Buchholz