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Re: Questions

> At 08:30 AM 7/10/98 -0500, Jonathan Schmidt wrote:
> >I was wondering how likely it is that "primitive" dinosaurs like
> >Herrasaurus had feathers?(with the discovery of that feathered
> >Dilophosaurus it seems possible that even Marasuchus could have had
> >feathers)
>Thomas R. Holtz wrote:
> What feathered Dilophosaurus?

Peter Buchholz has already responded to this, pointing to Gerard
Geirlinski's hypothesis that fossil tracks and a "feathery" belly
impression should be attributed to _Dilophosaurus_.  For those of you who
want to know more, I direct you to the following URL, which has some so-so
photographs and a description of these Jurassic ichnofossils from
Massachussetts, as well as a list of four papers Geirlinski wrote on the


Regarding _Herrerasaurus_, Tracy Ford has written that Rudolfo Coria
mentioned the presence of dermal armor associated with the skeleton. 
Unfortunately, these osteoderms have yet to be been written up or
illustrated.  Nonetheless, the bony elements suggest to me an outward
appearance very unlike that of the recently discovered (and much more
avian) feathered dinosaurs of China, as would be expected of an early
dinosaur which is closer to the crocodilian end of the dinosaur spectrum.

On the other hand (and straying far afield of any rational phylogenetic
brackets!), the ground sloth, _Mylodon_, had bony ossicles under its skin
and red hair, so who knows?

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com 

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