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Re: Carboniferous Endothermy (JOKE)

In response to the numerous theories of a VERY early origin of endothermy (One
of Tom Hopp's reproduced below),
<< As the genes that
 regulate these structures/processes are identified and sequenced -- let me
 make you a prediction -- the fossil trace of the origins of endothermy will
 there to be seen, all written out in A's, T's, G's and C's, and will tell a
 tale of single-origins.  And when they calculate the molecular mutation-rate
 clock backward in time, I think they will come up with Devonian. Can't hardly
 wait, myself. How 'bout you? >>

I offer the follwing:I just read the description of the "creature from the
black lagoon" Eucritta, and since the author notes that the legs were
significantly longer than the arms, we MUST have here a bipedal animal which
therefore is your ur-endotherm (not Devonian, though, Carboniferous) and which
therefore must have been covered with feathers. (The manus isn't preserved,
but I'm sure that a semi-lunate carpal will turn up eventually!)  :-))

Smacking of anything but sincerity,
Christian Kammerer

"Aaaaaa!! Eucritta!!!"
Watch out-It can run fast...REAL fast! (in packs) ;-)