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Re: Takahe (Rare Flightless New Zealand Bird) on the come-back.

At 21:17 -0700 9/7/98, Phillip Bigelow wrote:
>Nice photo of a beautifully-colored ground bird, (takahe) with an
>See it here:
>ABC science news/Reuters says that the takahe "evolved from the alpine

Its closes living relative is the Pukeko.  The Pukeko is a purple looking
moor/swamp hen type thing.  I've never heard one called an alpine rail

I've put a jpeg of pukekos up at http://url.co.nz/derek/pukeko.jpg if
anyone wants to do a comparison.

>If true, it makes a neat before-and-after picture of the evolution to
>flightlessness. I can't tell from the photo if those are hair-like
>feathers on it's torso or fully-formed feathers.

They certainly look like real feathers to me.  I've took a whole load
of Takahe photos a couple of months ago, but I haven't scanned them yet.

If you want to hear the sound of the Takahe check out

You'll have to click through three photos to get to the Takahe.

--- Derek

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