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Puh-leeeease!  I am not going to harangue anybody anymore about this silly
toe business.  As for BCF, I can only add my own sentiments: BFD.  I am
personally sick unto death of hearing a few individuals' long-winded
tirades and counter-tirades on the subject.  But knock yourselves
out...that's merely my take on it. Without a fuller picture from the fossil
record, it seems pointless to get too dogmatic about any of this.

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> Subject: Re: MORE ON BCF
> Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 9:05 AM
> In a message dated 98-07-10 20:43:23 EDT, you write:
> << 
>  I'm not familiar with most of the cases you list, but I did want to add
>  more data point: a single, suspiciously dromaeosaurish-looking print
from a
>  site in New Jersey, which was announced and discussed at DinoFest. >>
> I've just sensed a disturbance in the force around Pete Von Sholly. Dan
> Varner.