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Questions about two restorations

Just thought I'd float these two queries:
     1.)  There's a wonderful old and atmospheric life restoration of
Pteranodon at the U.S.National museum of Pteranodon done under the supervision
of S.P.Langley. The painting features two pteranodons and at least six smaller
flying animals gliding above waves, clouds, and a sunset. The painting
originally featured the Pteranodons sans crests-which were added at a later
date. Can anyone tell me who painted this picture?
      2.)  While going through some unlabeled videotapes I have made recently,
I stumbled into a _Movie Magic_ program I taped from the Discovery Channel.
The program was devoted to stop-motion animation and featured O'Brien,
Harryhausen, and Phil Tippet. In the Tippett sequence there was a brief shot
of a saurpod model I have not seen in any film to date. It resembled a
camarasaur or titanosaur more than anything else-the neck being nowhere near
as long as a brachiosaur or diplodocid. Does anyone know what I'm talking
about here? It was really a very superb sculpture and I certainly hope it will
be animated someday. Dan Varner.