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Re: Questions about two restorations

Dan wrote
> 2.)  While going through some unlabeled videotapes I have made recently,
> I stumbled into a _Movie Magic_ program I taped from the Discovery
> The program was devoted to stop-motion animation and featured O'Brien,
> Harryhausen, and Phil Tippet. In the Tippett sequence there was a brief
> of a saurpod model I have not seen in any film to date. It resembled a
> camarasaur or titanosaur more than anything else-the neck being nowhere
> as long as a brachiosaur or diplodocid. Does anyone know what I'm talking
> about here? It was really a very superb sculpture and I certainly hope it
> be animated someday. Dan Varner.

Dan , I believe Phil made this model for a short ( unreleased , as far as I
know ) film on dinosaurs , prior to his involvement with JP .
I think some of the footage is in the  'Making of JP' video  , featuring a
Daspletosaurus , Centrosaurus and  some Dromaeosaurids .I can't remember
the name , But Phil mentions it in the video. Hope this helps !

Regards , Truett Garner