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Re: Dinogeorge Digest #10

In a message dated 98-07-12 15:47:42 EDT, Danvarner@AOL.COM writes:

<< As to my inclusion in Dinogeorge's post, I am a little bewildered, as I
 not entered into the "BCF" discussion to any extent at all, aside from some
 heartfelt congratulations after the recent National Geographic article. >>

When I respond to a dinosaur list message, I send the original poster and
anyone copied with the original post my response by e-mail right away. The
copy for the dinosaur list itself, however, is saved for the next Dinogeorge
Digest, and is posted to everyone else in digest form a day or two later. (I'm
currently saving responses for Digest #11.) Dan happens to have been one of
those copied with the original post, so he got a copy of my response right
away, then later saw it again in Digest #10. I can understand the

This particular post is being sent to the entire list right away, not in
digest form, and won't appear in Digest #11.