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Re: The Mystery Cat etc.

John V Jackson wrote:

<Darren describes _Baryonyx_ as a facultative (ie optional) quadruped.
  "The"  "New"  theropod from the I.o.W:
  About 60% - 70% has been found.
  It's jumbled, along with . . . hypsolophodontid(?)
  It is about Deinonychus size (3m) but is not any kind of dromeosaur.
(Its thumb is perhaps on the slender side of average though, and has a
hookish claw. [. . . It's known to Scotland Yard and is the terror of
the law?])

  It is not any kind of anything else yet known either (certainly not
a cat contra papers), which is interesting in itself.

  It has unusual aspects (though this may simply be a restatement of
the above).>

  Just wondering, but may the teeth mentioned as "Weenyonyx" actually
belong to this animal?

Jaime A. Headden

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