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Re: Pawpawsaurus

On Saturday, July 11, Robira.Thomas.TJ@bhp.com.au wrote:

>  (Reptile from Paw Paw)
>  FAMILY: Nodosauridae.
>  ERA: Early Cretaceous  (Albian  112.2 - 98.9  Ma).
>  SIZE:
>  LOCATION: North America.
>  FOSSILS: Skull and associated postcrania.
>  COMMENTS: This is the most primitive (skull has incomplete
>  septum and no secondary palate) nodosaurid yet found with a
>  horny beak and a unique pattern of dermal plates on top of the
>  skull. It is the first nodosaurid to have been found with bony eyelids.
>  P. campbelli  Lee, 1996 (type).
>  References:
>  A new nodosaurid ankylosaur (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) from the
>  Paw Paw Formation (Late Albian) of Texas.
>  Lee, Y.
>  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 16 (2); 232 - 245 (1996).
>  ©1998, The Dinosaur Encyclopaedia

My Dinosaur-A-Day calendar (Dinah Zike and Ignacio Salas-Humara)
has an entry for July 8, as follows:

"_Pawpawsaurus_ was the first baby nodosaur fossil found.  The
size of an armadillo, it was found in 1989 within the city limits of
Fort Worth, Texas, by a 12-year old boy.  100 million years ago,
newly hatched, it fell into an ancient sea and drowned.
Adult Length:  ?15ft / 4.5m"