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Re: The Mystery Cat etc.

J. Jackson wrote:

>"The"  "New"  theropod from the I.o.W:
>About 60% - 70% has been found.
>It's jumbled, along with . . . hypsolophodontid(?)
>It is about Deinonychus size (3m) but is not any kind of dromeosaur. 
>(Its thumb is perhaps on the slender side of average though, and has a 
hookish claw.  [. . . It's known to Scotland Yard and is the terror of 
the law?])

Hmmm...does this mean the new dino will be named Macavityraptor? :)

*evil cackle*


 If I tell you the truth, you won't understand me.
   If I make up a story, *I* won't understand me...


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