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Re: Sauropod drinking

so now we're talking the classic image of sauropods chest deep in water,
a belief notably in disfavor the last 15 years.  

Was it perhaps water pressure on the internal organs at that depth that
helped eliminate sauropods from water?.
And if so, how to account for the 'swimming sauropod' trackway?

-Betty Cunningham

Jack wrote:
> There's been discussion recently about the problems of sauropods getting
> water up their throats if they were bending over to drink.  There's even
> been some discussion that brachiosaurs might have trouble getting their
> heads down that far.  Couldn't these animals have waded into water deep
> to, say, their elbows or shoulders and reduced the problems caused in both
> scenarios?  Of course this would require a lot of water, but they might
> have sought out these larger pools anyway because of the large needs of
> the herd (pod, bront, whatever ;)
> jc