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Re: Cro Magnon and sauropod tails (was Re: No subject? - follwo-up)

At 01:47 AM 7/12/98 -0400, Allan Edels wrote:
>Tom, etc.:
>    Neanderthals (remember NOT to pronounce the 'h') are by most current
>standards _Homo sapiens neanderthalus_.  According to the most recent DNA
>findings, however, they are not genetically modern _Homo sapiens sapiens_ 's
>ancestors (I believe there is more than 3% difference in the DNA - which is
>more than the difference between us and chimpanzees!).  (By the way,
>Neanderthals also had, on average, greater braincase size than modern
>humans -  they might have invented burial as an important ritual).

It sounds like you have a good knowledge of these.  But Neanderthal aslo
had a larger body, and consequently a lower brain to body mass ratio.  I
also understood that the artifacts found with Neanderthal differed little
from its appearance to its disappearance, indicating it didn't have the
capacity to learn or adapt well.  Don't blame me for those conclusions,
that's just what I read! :)  In any case, I haven't read of the burial
issue before, that does seem to contradict the poorly adaptive theory.
How recent is this idea?