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Betty Cunningham wrote:

> And if so, how to account for the 'swimming sauropod' trackway?

Though Thulborn (DINOSAUR TRACKS, Chapman and Hall 1990) accepts Bird's
description of the famous "swimming" sauropod trackway, Lockley
(TRACKING DINOSAURS, Cambridge University Press 1991) refutes this
interpretation for the Texas tracks, as well as a similar Moroccan find,
attributing the misinterpretation to undertracks. 

the Rieglers wrote:
> It hardly seems possible for them to have swam decently.

Elephants, similar to sauropods in that their legs are pillar-like, are
rather good swimmers actually, covering considerable distances in the
ocean. The footage of them I've seen paints a rather stately, elegant
picture. Greg Paul's black-and-white illustration of an _Apatosaurus_
being pursued in deep water by a group of allosaurs captures the essence
of sauropod aquatic maneuvers nicely, I think.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)