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Re: Cro Magnon and sauropod tails (was Re: No subject? - follwo-up)

At 10:45 AM 7/13/98 -0700, Randy King wrote:
>It sounds like you have a good knowledge of these.  But Neanderthal aslo
>had a larger body, and consequently a lower brain to body mass ratio.

I don't know if that holds up: must check the recent re-evaluation of
Neanderthal body size (in Science or Nature within the last 12 months).

>also understood that the artifacts found with Neanderthal differed little
>from its appearance to its disappearance, indicating it didn't have the
>capacity to learn or adapt well.

Not necessarily, but that is one interpretation.

>In any case, I haven't read of the burial
>issue before, that does seem to contradict the poorly adaptive theory.
>How recent is this idea?

The burial sites have been known for many decades (the one at Le Moustier
was found in 1908).  He was interred with flint chips, stone tools, and
charred animal bones.  At one of the Iraqi Neanderthaler sites, a grave was
found where the individual was buried with flowers and other plant material.

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