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Re: Sauropod drinking

On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Betty Cunningham wrote:

> so now we're talking the classic image of sauropods chest deep in water,
> a belief notably in disfavor the last 15 years.  
> Was it perhaps water pressure on the internal organs at that depth that
> helped eliminate sauropods from water?.
> And if so, how to account for the 'swimming sauropod' trackway?
> -Betty Cunningham

Actually, I'm not really referring to the classic image of swamp-bound
sauropods (that is truly an unappealling image better left buried).  I
tend to think of sauropods, like others on this list, as more elephant
like.  Elephants like water and will use it to cool down, but they don't
require it to support their bodies and they don't use it for defense.
Elephants are primarily dry land creatures.  I feel that sauropods might
have been similar.  

Still, what does anyone think about them going into the water to their
shoulders to lessen the distance up the throat for water to pass?  

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