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Re: Resting Sauropods

On 14 Jul 1998, David Krentz wrote:

>   While we're all letting our noodles drift from little therapods to Giant
> Sauropods I'd like some to hear some educated  guesses regarding how they
> rested.  

I don't really know how much rest a sauropod would require.  Giraffes
sleep an incredibly small amount.  Herbivores almost always sleep less
than carnivores and sleep very lightly.  Herbivores also usually have
smaller brains (there are, of course, exceptions, but I'm speaking
generally here).  Could these all be linked together?  If so, we could
hypothesize a sauropod which needs VERY little sleep and would have rested
on its feet.  This would also have supplied more time for munching on
plants (a benefit because as Dr. Farlow will tell you, the sauropod diet
consisted of lousy food--"the equivalent of shredded newspaper" [hope I
didn't misquote you, Dr. Farlow]).  Maybe the young animals laid down, but
as they reached adulthood, would have begun to stand even while asleep.  

Questions? Comments? Critiques? Flames?  All are welcome!