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Re: Sauropod drinking

        I remember reading an article in my Princ. of Paleontology course
concerning a professor who tried testing the plausibiliy of this theory
(large sauropods breathing while bodily immersed in water). He breathed 
through a hose that would supposedly have given him relative fresh
air and pressure amouns to deal with as that of a submersed sauropod.
He died from congestive heart failure in the process. Then again, a
plesiosaur could breathe. Hmmm. Something to think about...

Chad Laibly
University of Iowa

 "Dinosaurs...Where? Here?  Wahoo!"

On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Jack wrote:

> There's been discussion recently about the problems of sauropods getting
> water up their throats if they were bending over to drink.  There's even
> been some discussion that brachiosaurs might have trouble getting their
> heads down that far.  Couldn't these animals have waded into water deep
> to, say, their elbows or shoulders and reduced the problems caused in both
> scenarios?  Of course this would require a lot of water, but they might
> have sought out these larger pools anyway because of the large needs of
> the herd (pod, bront, whatever ;)
> jc