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Re: sauropod drinking

On July 14th, Jack said:

< I agree with you (and Brian) in the putting the snout down in the water   
to drink and the nostril placement and everything.  do wonder, however,   
about the sauropods' hesitance in entering the water at all.  Depending   
on the species and the associated location, how would a sauropod cool   
off?  I suppose shade would be an obvious way, but do you feel that   
sauropods wouldn't use the water the same was as an elephant.>

I would be very surprised if sauropods didn't go into the water on   
occassion; to cool off, to bathe or to get from here to there, for   
example. But I'm not aware of any terrestrial animal that must, as a   
matter of anatomical necessity, immerse itself in water in order to   
drink. It just seems odd to me that, given the associated risks, that   
would be the evolutionary solution for sauropods.