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Re: Sauropod drinking

laibly@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu wrote:

>       I remember reading an article in my Princ. of Paleontology course
> concerning a professor who tried testing the plausibiliy of this theory
> (large sauropods breathing while bodily immersed in water). He breathed 
> through a hose that would supposedly have given him relative fresh
> air and pressure amouns to deal with as that of a submersed sauropod.
> He died from congestive heart failure in the process. Then again, a
> plesiosaur could breathe. Hmmm. Something to think about...
> Chad Laibly

Adrian Desmond also gives this example in the 'Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs'. 
Robert Stigler, a Viennese scientist, started a series of experiments in 1907 
(mainly on himself) in which he attempted to breathe through a hose while 
tied to a plank which was lowered in the water. After having been lowered 
to two metres beneath the surface, Stigler's blood pressure became so high 
that he developed a chronic heart condition.

Just a bit of trivia, I guess,

Ilja Nieuwland