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Re: [Re: Resting and Dining Sauropods]

Diplodocids may have had "weak" teeth, but camarasaurs and brachiosaurs had
pretty formidable looking dentition, no?  And flesh probably did get rotten
pretty quickly.  What do you think?

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> Subject: Re: [Re: Resting and Dining Sauropods]
> Date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 7:34 PM
> owner-dinosaur@usc.edu wrote:
> > Again, who says sauropods were exclusively herbiverous?  As omnivores,
> > possibly carrion eaters, they would get much more nutrition than
> > and from less bulk consumed.
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> The meat would have to be pretty rotten in
> order for those weak sauropod teeth to consume it.
> On the other hand I can see juveniles and babies snacking
> down on insects from time to time to get that extra protein.
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