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We know that sauropods lived long enough to reproduce to leave their progeny
for millions of years.  Therefore they had to be able to make up for
obligate water losses each day somehow.

Assuming they did not sweat then losses would be respiratory, urinary, and
GI.  The latter two can be virtually eliminated in some animals so we have
to admit they could run the spectrum on either or both.  Without
turbinates?? then respiratory losses are going to be impressive in an animal
that size in an arid environment.  In one saturated with water you would
only lose the difference in body saturation and atmospheric.

So they could have not needed to drink or needed massive quantities
depending on physiology and atmospheric conditions.

It would not be healthy to evolve (I don't think you could) needing to stand
in water to drink.  Unless you were very big or bad unpleasant things could
happen to you at water holes.  And you do need the prerequisite water
somewhere to take that drink.  However, elephants run everything off
(generally) so baby can drink safely so go speculate.

Now that answered everybody's questions, right.:)

Michael Teuton