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Re: [Re: Resting Sauropods]

Archosaur J archosaur@usa.net wrote:
> Even though the elephant analogy keeps getting pushed to
> it's limits here, I can almost believe sauropods that 
> sleep on their sides. It's just that I don't know of many reptiles
>  (including birds) that sleep on their sides.

Extant reptiles (including birds) tend not to be so laterally compressed as
most -- though obviously not all -- dinosaurs, so I would think that lying
on one's side would be less comfortable or logical for the animals you
mention.  In lieu of some locking mechanism in the legs (as in horses and
perching birds)  I would think that sleeping animals would _tend_ to be
most stable in resting positions where they would have broad contact with
the ground.  This does not negate the problems of flexibility in getting up
and down, or in the internal pressures of heavy animals, but it is probably
one factor in determining the resting pose of an animal.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com