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Re: [Re: Resting Sauropods]

> Archosaur J archosaur@usa.net wrote:
> > It's just that I don't know of many reptiles
> >  (including birds) that sleep on their sides.

I just wrote:
> Extant reptiles (including birds) tend not to be so laterally compressed
> most -- though obviously not all -- dinosaurs, so I would think that
> on one's side would be less comfortable or logical for the animals you
> mention.

To add to this, ask yourself the following question: do the articulated
fossils tend to be preserved resting on their sides or on their abdomens? 
For example, compare _Sinosauropteryx_ slabs (the small theropod is
invariably on its side) with _Confuciusornis_ slabs (the birds I've seen
are flattened dorsoventrally).  This technique is no doubt an
oversimplification, but may be helpful in answering the question.  We can
at least see how the departed dinosaurs came to their final rest.  8<(     

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com