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Fwd: Feathered dilophosaur - not from the tracks!

>Brian Choo wrote:
>>The specimen referred to as AC 1/7 from the Lily Pond Quarry (Portland
>>Formation) in Massachusetts (part of the Hitchcock collection).
>>It is a resting imprint of a bipedal dinosaur consisting of the 
imprint of
>>the belly, ischiadic callosity and feet. Impressions from the belly 
>>suggest a furry integument, similar to that found on ducklings. 
Emma Rainforth wrote:

>Rather, from the extent of these "feather" impressions and their 
position, these
>features are most likely an artifact of the mechanics of locomotion on 
>slippery substrate.

And while we're at it there is no basis for suggesting that this trace 
fossil was made by a dilophosaur, or even a theropod.

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